Dozajlama makineleri ve robotlar

YD7300 Dispenser robots
Working Range X/Y/Z(mm) : 300/300/100
Load Y-AXIS/Z-AXIS : 10 kg/5 kg
Speed X&Y/Z (mm/sec) : 0.1-800/500
Resolution : 0.01 mm/Axis
Repetitive Positioning Accuracy : +/- 0.01 mm/ Axis
Program Capacity : Min 100 Group、4000 points/group
Data Storage Type : CF Card
Program Display : Teach Pendant LCD
Motor System : 3 Phase Micro-stepping motor
Control Method : PTP & CP
Interpolation Function : 3 axis (suit for 3D requirement)
Programming Method : Teach pendant/Keyboard
I/O Signals Port : 8 Inputs/8 Outputs
External Control Interface : RS232
Power Supply : AC 110 ~ 220V 300W
Working Temperature : 10 – 40 C
Working Relative Humidity : 20 – 90% no condensation
Dimensions (WxDxH mm) : 485 x 500 x 600
Net Weight (kg) : 32 kg
TH-2004 A+B Dispenser
Liquid Ratio: 1:1-3:1 (can be adjusted)
Tank: 1 gallon (other capacity can be chosen)
Mixing Methad: Static mix
Dispensing Time: 0.007S-9.999S
Cycling (interval) Time: 0.1S-9.9S
Air Input: 7kgF/cm2 Dry air without lubrication
Air Output: 0.1-7kgF/cm2
Repeatability: 0.0005S
Min Deposit: 0.01ml
Voltage: 110V/220V 50hz
Power: <15W
Standarts: CE approved
YD1000T Dispenser
Size:  246*216*67mm
Air input:  70 to 120psi
Dispense time: 0.001 to 99.99 sn ±0.00005
Voltage: 220 VAC
Standard: CE Approved

Features and Benefits
Dispenses all assembly fluids
Vacuum control for thin fluids
control/red-time digital display.
Unique TEACH function.
5 Year function Warranty

Dispensing Pen (YD-102)
This handy precision valve (dispensing pen) is made by stainless steel and designed with handy switch. It is fit for dispensing all kinds of fulid.

It dispenses precisely matching with Y&D tank.

Precision Valve Features
1. The diaphragm uses the newest techonology and the part of contact liquid is the anti-corrosive material
2. Liquid is neat and without dripping.
3. The body of valves is made of aluminum alloy anode carburizing.
4. It is suitable in the middle and higt viscosity liquit.